A Florida teacher who was caught on camera while gaslighting students about the history of the N-word and slavery has been suspended with pay, The News-Press reported.

The incident happened in an AP government class at Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, Florida, where a student recorded a video in selfie mode during his back-and-forth debate with the teacher. The student, who is identified as Hector on social media, posted the video to TikTok, causing many people to wonder why that person is a teacher.

The video starts with the teacher saying that white people didn’t crack slaves with whips.

“How do you know? Were you there?” Hector said in response.

The teacher then threatens to kick out the student and claims to seek “an honest conversation.”

More ignorance spewed in the following minutes as the questionable educator tried to justify the meaning of the N-Word.

“If I call somebody the N-Word, what am I calling you?” he asked the class. “The N-Word just means ignorant. It doesn’t have any other meaning other than you are a stupid person, you are ignorant, you are not well-read, you are not well-educated.” 

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