Two members of a Georgia police department have had their positions vacated after they were recorded on body cam having a racist and demeaning conversation about Black people, slavery and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams.

In June, Hamilton police chief Gene Allmond and officer John Brooks were speaking before a Black Lives Matter protest while the body cameras they thought were inactive, documented their racist banter, local ABC-affiliate WTVM9 reported. Following the video’s exposure, Allmond resigned and Brooks was terminated on Wednesday.

“What they’re saying now is, ‘Well, they didn’t have to shoot him, it’s just a Taser,'” Brooks said, mockingly. “Then how come when you tase a f**king n****r it’s like you done killed him 27 times?”

Buddy Walker, an assistant in the office of Hamilton Mayor Julie Brown, said he happened across the footage of the men’s conversation while investigating an issue local officers said they had with the body cameras memory bank. Before deleting files to free up space, Walker combed through police tape to make sure there wasn’t anything important on it.

When Walker discovered the file, he contacted Mayor Pro Tem Ransom Farley. Farley, who is Black, supervises the police. Walker said watching the video on Jan. 25 was difficult and unbearable for Farley at times.

“We watched the first portion, and he got up and left the room until he could calm down, and we watched the rest of it,” he said.

According to NBC News, the men in the recording were likely discussing the shooting of Rayshard Brooks. As Blavity previously reported, Brooks, a 27-year-old father of three, was shot in his back as he fled from officers during an encounter on June 12, 2020. He later died after being transported to the hospital.

“The mayor up there, she’s already fired the officer … without a hearing,” Officer Brooks said in the recording.

“They say she’s now the front-runner to be Joe Biden‘s vice presidential candidate,” he continued.

“You’re kidding,” Allmond responded.

The former police chief also downplayed the effects of slavery and questioned the moral validity of those protesting.

“Protests — these f**king people,” Allmond said. “I didn’t own no slaves, my folks didn’t own no slaves. What are we talking about 200 f**king years ago?”

Then the officer shares with the chief how he’d rather have sex with Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms “than Stacey Abrams.”

“Yes, sir,” Allmond agreed.

After the mayor and city attorney reviewed the tape, Allmond and Brooks were given the option to resign or be terminated, according to NBC News. Once Brooks saw the tape, he elected to resign. However, he was told to turn in his equipment and pick up his personal items, which he did not and was fired Wednesday.

Allmond also decided to resign. Hamilton City Attorney Ron Iddins said, “the next morning we found his equipment and resignation letter taped to the computer monitor in the police station.”

Both officers were unaware that the camera was operational, city officials said.

On Monday, Brooks tried to extend an apology to Farley but Farley said he wasn’t feeling the old “that isn’t me” routine, according to Walker.

“I’m 74 years old — I grew up in the South. You know, I’ve heard a lot in my life, but I can honestly say without a doubt it was the most unbelievable and horrifying video that I really think that I have seen,” he said. “It’s like it’s a nightmare, honestly.”

Although neither Allmond nor Brooks had past official complaints made against them, anonymous complaints have started to surface against them since the video first made news, per NBC News. 

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