As conversations around gender expression and sexuality continue to permeate the world stage, Kehlani is taking advantage of her platform by promoting authenticity and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community. 

In her latest feature by The Advocate, Kehlani recognized “all the beautiful Black trans women that I have in my life that I’m able to just witness — not only living their true f**king power — but [to] be courageous and be fearless and then fiercely educate everybody around them and just be a force in this world!” 

“They do it so effortlessly that it comes off almost easy to people who don’t know them,” she added. “I have so many super badass, bad b***h, trans women friends that I’m just like, ‘I bet people think this s**t is a walk in the f***king park because of how you get up and get out the house every day and be this badass b***h.’ But I know it’s f***king hard.”

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